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KYRA is born on September 28, 2018. 

She is born in our Resort. The mother is a mixed Spanish dog, the father is a German Shepherd.  Kyra is the sister of Bobby, Billy, and Sam. She is only for virtual adoption. She is a very good foster mother. Takes care of all small puppies that are left here in the Resort. That is why we don't want to put her for normal adoption. She is very protective and can be nasty if someone comes too close to the puppies or even an object that she protects. 

Kyra is a middle-sized dog, likes to play, listen well, and get along with other dogs. She is not afraid, a very sweet girl, and calm when is needed. 

We want to keep her with us in case pups get dropped or come into our Resort without a mother. She is the best mother you can imagine, although she didn't have puppies of her own. 







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DAENARIS is born on March 28, 2019. 

She is born in our Resort. The mother is a Podenco, the father is unknown. Her brothers and sisters are already adopted.

She is a lovely girl who needs a lot of attention. She wants to be cuddled the whole day. Once she gets to know another dog, she's ok with dogs, but in the beginning, she will bark a lot at them. She needs to trust them first. Once she has this trust she's good with other dogs. 

She is middle-sized but bigger.

She is very shy, likes to play outside, knows her name, is always in for a lot of love. But she's also a Podenco so she needs a lot of space to run and a high fenced garden! She likes to hunt small animals. 

For the moment, Daenaris will stay in the Resort. She's a bit traumatized and we want to see the progress she will make. 





                                                                                                                 ref: miley031019

                                                                                                       Miley is born on July 3, 2019.                                                                                                                                                                                              

She is the sister of Adele, Anouk, Jack, and Jim, but the only one that is brown colored, and the only one that is real Mastin. 

She's not as quiet as the other mix Mastins, more playful, a bit more lively, and loves to run and do things she knows are not allowed!

For the moment she is only for virtual adoption.

She's a very beautiful dog and listens very well. She's in training at the moment that is why we don't want to put her for full adoption already. We want to see how she will end the training, and if we can use her as a therapy dog. 

Once she comes for adoption she will need a strong hand to guide her! 








Kiko is a huge Mastin. In November 2018 we got a call from someone if we could help to catch this fellow. He was on his own, wandering around in nature. Nobody could touch him. He was very skinny and very scared. So we drove into the mountains of Coin, and within 10 min we had him. He was covered with fleas and ticks, you could play piano on his ribs, so skinny, and only 24kg.


We drove him right to the vet, where they washed him, give him some injections for the fleas, and looked if he was ok.

The vet said he would be around 7 months old. 


It took us 6 weeks before he started to trust us. He is so nice but very scared, and the other dogs were mean to him, so we placed him upstairs with some pups. He liked it there. And still does.


He is the biggest Mastin we have ever seen, so beautiful, so gentle and loving, so quiet. But he can defend himself when necessary. He is a huge cuddle bear. Unfortunately, he is so traumatized, he doesn't trust people. So we will keep him and see how it goes. 


Kiko is now 2 years old about 1m high and 80kg. 







Little Keena is a very pretty lady. She came to the resort in November 2018 together with 3 other small dogs. The owner of the dogs was severely ill and in the hospital, and the dogs needed to replaced. We took 4 small dogs in. Keena, Julio (a small kind of pincher). Little Princess (tiny little mix dog) and Nacho. 

Unfortunately, Little Julio was already old and in 2019 he got a stroke and died. So did Princess in 2020. She had a pancreas disease and was also an old lady. Nacho is stolen from our property in June 2020. He is found by a lovely Spanish couple that adopted him.

Keena is the youngest of them all. She likes to drive with the car, she's playful, but most of the time she just lays down in the shadow in the garden. She is a very sweet girl, loves kisses and massages, and get s along with the other dogs. 

She is not for adoption but stays with us. She already changed 3 times from family to family. 

This is her forever home.






Billy is born on September 28, 2018, here in the Resort. He's the brother of Sam, Kyra, and Bobby. 

His mother is a brown labrador, his father a German Shepherd who is still here. He is not for adoption. 

Billy is a mixed German Shepherd/Rottweiler. But with a very gentle character. There is not one piece of danger in him. He's a bit afraid for other males, but when necessary he will defend himself or others in our group. 


He is attacked on his eye when he was young, so he has one small eye. 


Billy is only for virtual adoption for the moment. For the law, he belongs to the dangerous dogs, but Billy has more of the character of a labrador than a Rottweiler. We, however, want to see how he grows up. How the character will develop before we put him for adoption.

For now, he gets along with all dogs, is not aggressive, but to be sure that we hand over a good dog, he still stays here in the Resort. 


He's a quiet dog, doesn't play a lot, he's more on his own or with his brother. 








Bobby is born in our Resort, he is the brother of Kyra, Billy, and Sam. He was supposed to be a German Shepherd, but he is a dwarf.

He got Parvo when he was 6 weeks old, he survived but was paralyzed. For 1 month he couldn't walk or even crawl.

Then I started to challenge him. If he wanted his food, he had to crawl to it. Every day we gave him special massages and bath therapy. 

We took him everywhere with us because he was helpless. One day we were in a restaurant, and Bobby was with us.

Suddenly he stood up, out of the blue, and did some steps! The whole restaurant was applauding for him!

So he learned to walk again, but his paws go the wrong way as you can see in the picture, and he staid a dwarf.

That doesn't prevent him from enjoying his life.  He can run and play with all the others, even with his short legs.

And because he was spoiled when he was young, he has the biggest mouth of all!

We don't want to put Bobby for adoption, only for virtual adoption, because we know that he will have bone problems when he gets older 

He will need a lot of personal care then. So we want him to stay with us. 





( the mother )


( the son )

These are Senta and Sultan, mother and son. They are brought in by a German couple in the summer of 2018. Both dogs lived on a deserted property, in the open air. They always stay together, you never see one of them alone. 

We took them in to put both dogs for adoption, but soon we found out that the bond these two have with each other is too strong to separate them.

Senta is an older lady, she has some rheumatism problems. Sometimes she can't walk that good. She prefers her place in the sun, and on a spot where she can see what happens around her. She gets along with other dogs but prefers to stay with her son. Actually, she needs more walks and needs to move more. She needs to lose weight.


Sultan is gorgeous and a great loving dog. He gets along with every other dog in the Resort. He plays with them but to people, even to us, he is a bit shy. He loves cuddles and a dog candy from time to time.


We don't want to place them for adoption. IF so, they have to go together, and with Senta with her rheumatism this is difficult.

In the future, she will need more medical attention, so we want her in the Resort to enjoy her old days, relaxed and easy. With her son on her side. 

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